Hey Vancouver! This is Daniel, the guy that had the doggy and car pictures inside the shop. As some of you know the pictures have came down. This is because I am on a new adventure! I'm starting a new creme brûlée dessert/ more European themed desserts in Toronto! I am very sad to leave because some of you guys/ gals have been so supportive and some even became family. You guys have done so much for me in terms of personal growth. Learning everyday how to interact better and be more efficient to run the business and also self evaluating along the way. Without your support and criticism my passion towards the shop would not have been as fierce/ successful. I feel I owe an explanation on why I'm leaving is because I feel that this is all I can offer in Vancouver and I don't know what else I can do for the shop and also myself. I have left it to the capable hands of my friend Tomeo run and also continue operating the business as a whole. So stay tuned in what new products he may have in mind! Vancouver will always have a special place in my heart in where I grew up. ⛈☕️🍣❤️ PS. If ever in Toronto, look me up! @craquedecreme